Do you Know Which is the Longest Tree in the World

Longest Tree in the World

Hyperion redwood tree
The hyperion redwood tree is a longest tree in the World. It is 379.1 feet taller and it has a diameter of 10 feet and 4 inches. The hyperian redwood tree is located in coast redwood remote area of Redwood national park in Northern California. The tree was discovered by Naturalist Micheal Taylor and Chris Atkins

Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet

Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet

Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet when it comes to heritage, architecture and bulding designing in past periods, it design reflects finest thinking of mughal architecture and islamic architecture. It was built in era of 1632 to 1648-1652 in Agra, (currently city of India) and approximately took 22 years, it was ordered by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memories of his beloved wife Mumtaz mahal who died in 1631 and buried inside Taj Mahal.It was designed by Muslim Architecture who named was Ustad Ahmed Lahori.The Best thing and the thing which they make abnormal his unique white appearance due to semi-precious stones and marbles which brought from different countries and oceans as well.It is also very famous as a symbol of Love in Asia because of Shah Jahan who loved his wife very much and ordered to built one of the things which no one made before and after, It is also very famous in Asia that the workers and architecture who built Taj Mahal was lately have no work and feed their self by government because Shah jahan didn't want to built any kind of this thing and some says Shah jahan ordered to cut the hands of worker and architecture but this rumor is not in history of Mughal emperor.The whole complex includes gateway structure, garden and mosque.The good thing is that now a days when some one want to express love with some one they give him a model gift of Taj mahal which is easily available on Gift shops of South Asia.

The Burj Khalifa World Tallest man made Structure

The Burj Khalifa World Tallest man made Structure

The Burj Khalifa World Tallest man made Structure is also know as Burj Dubai it is 160 story 2717ft and 828m tall skyscraper, When you look at this it is look like wonder in desert. Burj Khalifa is not only holding a record of world tallest skyscraper but also grabs list of records which consist of swimming pool on 76th floor, Highest installation of aluminium and glass, Highest speed of elevators and the mosque on top floor and go on. The buiding is commercial, residencial and luxury kind of skyscraper.It's construction was started on 21st of September 2004 and completed on 1st October 2009.It is designed by Adrian smith of Chicago develop by EMAAR. Burj Khalifa officially opened on 4th january 2010.

Comparising of some famous buiding with Burj Khalifa

Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is region of Atlantic ocean, why we called it triangle because Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico is the area of its section and when we saw from the sky it maskes traingle shape. Bermuda Traingle is famous for its mysterious stories and strange kind of weather in this triangle section number of ships, aircraft were mysterious disappeared the famous incident was flight 19 which contains 5 aircraft mysteriously disappeared the big thing is that Triangle committed various incident in water as well in sky there are many stories bounded with this triangle some says UFO's some says time warp and on and on, large number of books, articles had written over this subject but mystery is remain open. Scientist had made several documentaries over this traingle with research and continously rejected the chances of time warp, UFO's and anything else but they also failed to explain this triangle completely.Now scientists comes to know that the caused of mysterious incident were rough and unpredictable weather because weather of this section rapidly changes as compare to any part of world and scientist also comes to know that ocean waves in this section were unpredictable in storm that's why large number of ships disappeared mysteriously because human beings not expected rapidly changes in weather which causes incidents in Triangle besides of all this thousand of peoples were killed in this Trianlge that's why it's also called DEVIL's Traingle but the mystry will remain open in this section.

Bagger 288 World's biggest Machine (excavators) in the world

Bagger 288 World's biggest Machine (excavators) in the world

Bagger 288 world's biggest machine it is perfectly called mining machine which used for removing extra materials from coal but when it was built it was also a part of Nasa's mission like Apollo and etc.Its usage is not bounded for one or two things it has ability to do lots of work like earth moving machine, dugging machine and etc.Bagger 288 is built by German company Krupp that's why it is also named Krupp Bagger, It was built in 1978 and it's weight 13,500 tons.It was called mining machine because it can powered from external source approximately 16.56 megawatts requires.The Wondering thing is that it had traveled from Tagebau Hambach to Garzweiler mine 22 kilometer which cause 15 million.

World fastest production car SSC Ultimate Aero TT

World fastest production car SSC Ultimate Aero TT
World fastest production car SSC Ultimate Aero TT is the world fastest car in street legal category its speed is 430 km/h 270 mph. The SSC Ultimate Aero is built in America by Shelby supercars SSC.SSC Ultimate Aero is designed by Jerod Shelby, It is really super engine car its speed is over 257 mph.It is declared the world fastest car by Guiness book of world records on october 2007 and it is still the fastest car of 2009.This Super car which is SSC Ultimate Aero is perfect also when it comes to engine modifications and interior designs it has 6.35 litre V8 cylinder Twin-Turbo charged engine which approximately produces 1,184 HP the expected cost of SSC Ultimate Aero is US$485,000

SSC Ultimate Aero front view

SSC Ultimate Aero Engine view

SSC Ultimate Aero Recognized by Guiness Book of World Reocrds The fastest

Production car of the world

Dashboard and Interior View of SSC Ultimate Aero

Tallest peoples of world

Tallest peoples of world
Robert Pershing Wadlow
Robert Pershing Wadlow is the tallest man ever in the history of world his height reached 8 ft 11.1 inches and weight 222kg, He was born in Alton, Illinois, US on February 22, 1918.
The Side picture is a comparising of his father with him his great height and size is abnormality of his body because they faced hypertrophy of his pituitary gland due to which abnormal growth of human hormone and he was keep going at the time of his death, he was died on July 15, 1940 at age of just 22.

Turk Sultan Kosen
Sultan Kosen is a man who is currently the tallest living man by Guiness Book of World records.His height is 8ft 1 in (2.47), Sultan born on 10 December 1982 Mardin, Turkey. Sultan height is due to Tumor behind his eyes, the tumor put pressure on pituitary gland which causes abnormal height. His Tumor was removed in 2008 and now he enjoyed his life like a normal human beings but he was unable to continue his study because of height and work as a farmer part time.

Bao Xishun
Bao Xishun was the tallest man of the world before Turk Sultan Kosen claim to be the tallest man by Guiness Book of Records. His height is 8ft 5 in (2.57m) which is not independly verified, likely 7ft 6 in, Bao born in 1951 inner Mongolia, China
He suffers from rheumatism, His height is normal at the age of 15 but after that faced unknown growth of height. He married Xia Shujuan proffessionaly saleswoman which you see in picture his marriage ceremony sponsored by 15 companies.

Leonid Stadnyk
Leonid Stadnyk is belong to Ukraine he is also listed tallest man in the world by Guiness book, he is formely record holder of the tallest living man in 2007 but later his title returned to Bao Xishun in 2008. His Height is 7 ft 6 in (2.57m) but some kind of drama began when he was refused to be measured under new guide lines by Guiness Book and the title goes to Bao Xishun. He born on 1971 Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR). He had also pituitary gland Tumor which casued abnormal height when he was only 12 years old, But his Tumor is mysteriously disappeared and now he is healthy

Yao Defen
Yao defen currently the tallest woman in the world recognised by Guiness Book of world records, He born on 15 july 1972 Shucheng, Liuan, Anhui, China. She belongs to poor farmer family at the time of birth she is 6.15 pounds and in her chidhood at the age of 3 to 4 she was eating food in very large amount as compared to normal 3 year child, She was 6 ft 9 inches at the age of 15 when comes to doctor for checkup, the doctor had discovered Tumor pituitary gland she has been forced to earn money with her father by performing but Yao was to weak.Her tumor has been treated in Shanghai but she is not fit yet and she also faced some major diseases like heart diseases, Poor nutrition.