Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet

Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet

Taj Mahal one of the finest wonder of Planet when it comes to heritage, architecture and bulding designing in past periods, it design reflects finest thinking of mughal architecture and islamic architecture. It was built in era of 1632 to 1648-1652 in Agra, (currently city of India) and approximately took 22 years, it was ordered by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memories of his beloved wife Mumtaz mahal who died in 1631 and buried inside Taj Mahal.It was designed by Muslim Architecture who named was Ustad Ahmed Lahori.The Best thing and the thing which they make abnormal his unique white appearance due to semi-precious stones and marbles which brought from different countries and oceans as well.It is also very famous as a symbol of Love in Asia because of Shah Jahan who loved his wife very much and ordered to built one of the things which no one made before and after, It is also very famous in Asia that the workers and architecture who built Taj Mahal was lately have no work and feed their self by government because Shah jahan didn't want to built any kind of this thing and some says Shah jahan ordered to cut the hands of worker and architecture but this rumor is not in history of Mughal emperor.The whole complex includes gateway structure, garden and mosque.The good thing is that now a days when some one want to express love with some one they give him a model gift of Taj mahal which is easily available on Gift shops of South Asia.


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